Some years ago in a tiny theatre north of Chicago I saw a play that was so potent, it left me weak, and I still think about it. It was “Killer Joe” by a then unknown named Tracy Letts, who has since won a Pulitzer Prize and is now regarded as one of our finest playwrights. I give you this seemingly irrelevant information because “25 Saints” by Joshua Rollins had the same impact on me as did “Killer Joe.” This is a powerhouse of a play, and Azeotrope’s production gives it everything it deserves.- Artsstage-

the double bill of "25 Saints" by Joshua Rollins and Adam Rapp's "Red Light Winter" is one of those theatre experiences that lingers long after blackout. Both plays explore the delicacy of relationship inequality and the painful realization that not only can such disparity exist, but that cruelty can lie deep inside the heart of someone you love.



I guarantee that after the first five minutes you will be no more be able to leave the theater than they are able to leave these hills. This is one of those shows where, following the climactic action, which could be nothing other than what it is, I think you'll find yourself saying "Holy crap! Now that's what they mean by drama!". And while you'll certainly be able to turn your back on that tiny, tawdry set, I doubt that you'll be able to walk away from that place or those people. A playwright can only dream of having a script this beautifully realized. SeattleActor



This show is fast-paced and riveting. It’ll  leave you blown away. A great cast of mostly Equity actors with tight direction by  Matt Miller does justice to Joshua Rollins’ play. We see how  a slight change of time can change the outcome of an event that can change a life forever. The gray areas that colors events are fully depicted in this expertly drawn mystery. Don’t miss this dynamic show. This play is the hit of the summer.- ChicagoCritic

What makes Rollins’s breathless new play, essentially a police procedural for the stage, so successful is the way he turns those familiar tropes on their heads. TimeOut-Chicago


Each scene of this sexually charged, intriguingly structured, expertly performed drama is powerfully played.- Chicago Sun-Times