25 Saints Excerpt- 3M, 3F

Tonight has not gone as expected for Charlie and Tuck. They've got a batch of meth to make before skipping town, which is probably ruined. The town sheriff wants them dead, the woman they love has a secret and then there’s that dead body stuffed in a box.  Click here for an excerpt. 


Excerpt from Hot Sauce Jesus  - 4M, 2F

Oz, the owner of a rundown wing restaurant on the Southside of Chicago has his hands full. His brother has a gambling problem, the pastor across the street is trying to force him out, and everyone keeps stealing his ketchup.  Then an accident causes the image of Jesus Christ to appear on his wall and a young employee, Manuel starts bleeding from his palms.  An examination of religion and neighborhoods in modern day America, Hot Sauce Jesus questions our beliefs and our faith in God, in commerce, and in each other. Click here for an excerpt.


A Girl With Sun In Her Eyes- 3M, 3F

A Girl With Sun In Her Eyes is a riveting re-invention of the police procedural. It’s 6 am and an undercover female police officer has been reported missing for several hours on Chicago’s South Side. The last person to see her is now the primary suspect in her disappearance. Two veteran police officers with complex ties to the missing officer—and each other—lead the interrogation. How far would you go to protect the life you have? The Shield meets Memento in this world premiere thriller Click here for an excerpt.


Excerpt from Concealed Carry- 3M, 4F

When seven students die in a campus shooting, a Colorado campus becomes ground zero for the concealed carry debate. But as Ben, a young graduate professor caught in the crossfire, struggles to make sense of his own actions, he discovers that the the most harrowing ground zero is the one within.  Click here for an excerpt.

Excerpt from Darlin'- 5M, 2F

It’s the middle of the night and Clementine just checked-in to a no name motel off I-80 in Iowa. There she meets a mixed bag of regulars with their own secrets who all want to know  what she is running from and what the story is behind the two child seats in the back of her car.  Click here for an excerpt.


Excerpt from Postscript- 1M, 5W

Three sisters return home to pack up their writer father's belongings after checking him into an assisted living facility.  When they discover tapes that point to an unpublished manuscript that might answer some of their more painful questions, how far will they go to find it? Click here for an excerpt.